Dad Pics

My sister-in-law, Erin, created a custom book about my dad to give to Violet when she was born. It was the best idea and it’s such a cute book. Yesterday I found in my drawer the little stack of photos I had found at E’s request, which she used in the book. I have been meaning to give them to Mikey. They’re amazing. Here are just a few:

*Four photos of Dad, Mike, and various cars. In most of these they are posing with the most comically serious expressions:



*A hilarious pic of Mom, Dad, and their beloved baby on some carnival ride, where Mom and Dad are having a ball and 5-year-old Mike is clearly the only one aware that there’s no safety barĀ in front of him:



*Two more vacation photos. I love the one on the left, where Mike is exactly copying Dad’s pose. (If you go back to the car pics, you’ll see him still doing that in his teens.) Mikey took one look at the pic on the right and said, “Look at Dad’s expression. Something definitely just happened with me and that fish, and he’s trying not to lose his mind.” Also please enjoy Dad’s cutoffs.


*And finally, this photo was taken somewhere in Ireland, and it is one of Mike’s favorites because of the weirdness of the bunny ears in the background. I just love it becauseĀ Mike, Erin, and Mom are all smiling happily for the picture… and Dad has that unmistakable “shenanigans ahead” look on his face.




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