Still here

Five years ago today, I knew that Dad was very ill but I didn’t know that we were going to lose him in less than a week. I would go back and tell that version of me, who is very different from today’s version, “It will be awful.┬áBut you will get through. And you’ll find Dad in the most unexpected places! Wait and see.”

Earlier this week, Dave was talking with a former colleague of Dad’s, who is interested in buying some of the MG parts Dad collected. Dave said, “I mean, think it over and let us know what you think is a fair price, and I’ll pass it on.” Then, laughing, Dave added, “I’m sure Ron will be in your ear.” The immediate reply, complete with exasperated chuckle, was: “Oh, he already has been! I’ve been thinking to myself, ‘come on, Ron, you gotta give me something here.’ ”

Of course: Dad still can’t stay out of a negotiation. Love you, Dad.

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