We’re all weirdos.

I was just having a conversation about weird aversions that people have. I’m a treasure trove of germophobia- particularly surrounding food- and I’m famous for it which is embarrassing. I’m not proud of these aversions and it’s embarrassing to be at a party and have someone say, “Oh, try this- it’s so good!” And I have to try and politely decline, only to invariably have to explain that I CAN’T try it, I’m too much of a germ freak. (You guys are all really insistent that I taste your food!) I’m also very averse to the sound of metal scraping against metal or forks scraping on teeth. Oh, and I have a touch of misophonia too (I actually lead a pretty normal life, though, I swear). My family, though? My family is no better.

Gabby is horrified by the act of filing nails. She cannot stand to hear it or see it, so clearly she cannot file her own nails.

My brother Mike is afraid of lizards. Or as he calls them, “snakes with legs.”

My sister Betsy gets grossed out by the texture of cotton balls.

So, really: my thing where I push all elevator buttons with my keys.. -Sounds totally reasonable now, don’t you think?


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