Mattress update, update

Remember the new mattress? The one that came in a box? Dave and I have been giving that thing a chance ever since it showed up and slowly decompressed…. to a rather disappointing depth. Several of you sent me messages that the foam mattress would feel very different, and warned me that it might take some time to get used to it.

Um, it did take some time. The first week I could not, could NOT get comfortable. It was hard as a board and, instead of providing some give, the mattress felt like it was rejecting me. I was rolling around all night, trying to find a position where my bed was actively trying to push me off. I woke up every morning with tense muscles and a headache. But I got through that adjustment period…. and then: I just didn’t like it.

  • Dave’s side was built with a different firmness than mine, and if I rolled too far in that direction it felt like lying on two different beds.
  • As mattresses go, it was sort of shallow, so I would lie there feeling like I was on the ground.
  • I missed the springiness of a regular mattress. This just didn’t feel soft and cushy.
  • And most of all: I just felt like I was lying on a hard, flat, crappy surface every time I went to bed. I told Dave, “It’s like I’m sleeping on the concrete floor of a prison cell here.” I started referring to our bedroom as Cell Block H.

But!! As Dave predicted, I learned that I could, in fact, sleep on this mattress- I just didn’t like it. So if this had been good for Dave’s back I would have dealt with it. Lucky for me: Dave didn’t like it either. So yesterday, two new Luxury Plush Innerspring mattresses were delivered: a king for us and a full-size for Cam, who has been cramming his teenage self onto a twin for too long. They did not come in a box and in fact that would have been impossible; actual men came and delivered them. This thing is deeeeeep. It’s springy. I can sprawl all over it without encountering a different bed on Dave’s side. When I got up this morning, I actually slid down to the floor, it’s so thick and cushy.

This is what I’m freaking talking about. Bye-bye, Cell Block H.

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