Mardi Gras!!!

UPDATE: I believe I have fixed that awful issue where none of you could see the pics. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

We had a great trip this year. On the way home, Dave and I agreed it was one of our best ever. Once again, some photos for you:


Addie caught a shoe from Muses.



Jill hilariously texted me that, in every photo, “You look the happiest you’ve ever been in your life.”


While we were on the Tulane University campus, a female student approached Cameron and informed him that her friend thought he was cute. And, if Gabby, who was standing next to him, wasn’t his girlfriend: could she have Cam’s number? HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN WHAT IS GOING ON CAM IS STILL FIVE YEARS OLD IN MY HEAD. (ALSO, BALLSY MOVE, IF YOU THOUGHT HE WAS WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND.) Gabby had my back, though: from what I understand, she immediately replied in disbelief, “I’m his sister, and he’s in high school.”


16938628_1635975693085402_2695191564986264717_nWe spent lots of time with our friends who live in the Garden District. Here’s an indicator of how happy we all were to see them: the kids and I arrived in NOLA last Wednesday, just in time to catch Wednesday’s parades- Dave was flying in from Atlanta and meeting us there. We got to the parade route and I said, “Now, we can hang out here for awhile and then go see Miss Novella, or we can go straight to Miss Novella right now.” And all three immediately chose to leave the parade and go see our friends.



Speaking of friends: we spent 90% of our time with our friends Shea and Maya and their daughters- something we had done 2 years ago. Shea and I realized that our birthdays fell during Mardi Gras week, and mine this year fell on Fat Tuesday itself- and we agreed that we all needed to be in NOLA together for that.



Okay, so then on Friday morning I was mulling over whether to go for a run in Audubon Park. Dave and Cam were gently discouraging me from leaving, I thought because they didn’t want to have to wait for me. So I took a shower instead and then Dave said, “Cam is outside on the porch swing, He wants to talk to you.” I thought, oh man what is this, and went outside to find my friends Sheri and Ann- who came all the way to NOLA for the weekend to surprise me for my birthday.



We had crawfish and poboys and crab cakes, and I was insufferably smug about it.



We had an amazing time.



This group of Star Wars aficionados was just walking down the street, so we got a pic. Please notice the wings Gabby is wearing, and also that Cam’s sunglasses have Elvis sideburns attached. Both caught at parades.



Seriously, could not have been more fun.



We were in an art gallery, and Cam and our friend’s daughter were having none of it.



Dave asked for the lacrosse game at this bar. Then, when the bartender couldn’t find the lacrosse game, Dave said, “Oh- it’s only Thursday. Sorry- we don’t know what day it is.” The bartender replied cheerfully, “Why would you?”



This was actually taken the first night, after Nyx. Look at their faces- that is pure joy, my friends.



Pure joy for the adults as well as the kids.



Aunt Ann went against my firm “We don’t buy Mardi Gras trinkets because we get them thrown to us for free at parades” policy and bought Addie this squid hat. Addie J was thereafter known to all as “Squiddie J.”



After Saturday afternoon parades, Addie J took a nap in Miss Novella’s hammock while she was supposed to be chatting with Aunt Sheri.



And these are only a few of the pics I took, when I thought to take pics. Two more things: first of all, as is our tradition, one of our kids threw up. But it was at the very end of the very last night- so we almost got off without a single barfing incident! We can dream. And the second thing is this sign, which we found in the French Quarter. Enjoy!


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    • Tammy R

      These pictures won’t load on my computer or my phone. And I think that they sound like fun pics I’d want to see.

    • Jules

      Tammy, you’re not alone! I just fixed it (I think). Thanks for letting me know!

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