Sixteen Things About Cam

cammyI didn’t know whether I was having a boy or a girl when I was pregnant with Cameron- but with all my heart I was hoping for a boy. I think it’s because I wanted this boy- this handsome, strong, determined kid who makes our house livelier, happier, and has draped the place in lacrosse gear (but that’s another story). Today he is sixteen and I can’t believe it. Here are sixteen things to know about Cammy:

  1. He plays midfielder and he also likes to face off. This is a really, really important part of who he is.
  2. He retains that easy ability to relate to anyone and everyone he meets. This kid has never had an awkward conversation in his life.
  3. It is very important to him that he does the right thing in a given situation.
  4. He’s kind to his sisters in moments that no one sees except them.
  5. After years of trying to rein in his unbelievable hair, Cam is letting it grow. Starting from fairly high and tight this fall, it’s probably 6-7 inches long now. I’m surprised by how well it suits him.
  6. Also: it’s wavy. We had no idea.
  7. This is the kind of person he is: Cam was having some friction with a peer, and it got pretty heated on both sides. Cam has to work with this peer, though- so he did something that many adults can’t do: he directly approached the person with an open and forward-thinking attitude, and he created a space where they could move past the friction. It didn’t work the first time, or the second; but Cam just kept working at it until he succeeded.
  8. When we were in NOLA for Mardi Gras, an Elvis on a motorcycle told him he looked like he needed sunglasses and handed him a pair with Elvis sideburns attached. He wore them like a rock star for the rest of the day.
  9. With the exception of leaving plates in his room until he was no longer allowed to eat upstairs: Cam keeps his room really clean. (If you overlook the aforementioned lacrosse gear.)
  10. Cam and his friend Doug listen to old-school rock.
  11. We’re going to the DMV to get his license this week. For the record: Cam is a good driver.
  12. He and I spent a couple of hours on Friday, starting on a project he’s doing for chemistry class. He makes those things fun, just by being himself.
  13. You know how Dave is physically super, super strong? …And how my dad was also incredibly strong? -Well, Cam got a double dose of that. He’ll come home and casually mention the weight he lifted in Human Performance that day and my first reaction is always, “By yourself??”
  14. At our urging, Cameron chose to take French so that I could help him with the class. To my delight, he is able to have short conversations in French and is taking Honors French 3 in the fall.
  15. Know what he does after dinner? -He says, “Thanks, Mom.” Almost every time.
  16. I wanted a son of my own with all my heart– I didn’t need a houseful, I only needed one. When he was born, the doctor said, “It’s a beautiful boy!”

Cam is our oldest child. Every single day is a new parenting experience for us– including today, when he is sixteen (technically not until around 7:00pm though). He blazes the trail for his sisters, he leads us into brand new territory each day. Sometimes it’s really fun to be his mother… sometimes it’s really challenging. He is a sixteen-year-old boy for sure– and his heart is made of warm gold, big as the sky. Being his mother has made my own heart grow warmer, and I am so grateful to have Cameron, my beautiful boy.

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