Happy birthday, Sniffy!

jilljuI was really lucky, growing up. I had one of everything: an older sister, an older brother, a younger sister, AND a younger brother. I know that my siblings and I, and my mom, are always there for each other. I know that-  like it or not- I will never have to go through anything alone. Because I have these people. Today, though, I want to talk about Jill. Jill is the one who gave my mom the most grey hairs as a kid. She is fun and funny, irreverent and firmly grounded… and she will gladly make sure you are grounded, as well.

A few years ago, Jill and her family moved– from a place where they had deep roots to a place where they knew no one and nothing. Jill showed remarkable insight: choosing just the right neighborhood, in just the right town, to set down new roots. Then she set aside any uncertainties and just embraced their family’s new life– the good, the bad, the unknown. She put the girls into activities, she found out where to go and what to do. She didn’t just make new friends– she put herself right into the center of her new world. I have realized that, in addition to being fun and funny, Jill is also courageous and strong.

I came home yesterday from a quick four-day visit with Jill and her family. Everyone is asking, “What did you do?” …Well: we made salmon-orange salad one day, and we went to lunch another day. I braided the girls’ hair. We watched Passengers and binged Mad Dogs. My niece had an awards ceremony, we went to Girls’ Night at Jill’s friend’s house, and on Saturday night all of us had an impromptu dance party in the kitchen. But what I tell people is, “Not much. We just hung out.”

Today is Jill’s birthday, and we should celebrate that the world is brighter because of her light. I call her Sniffy although I no longer remember why– and so I would encourage you to contact Sniffy today, and wish her a happy birthday.

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