I started my new job as a full-time faculty member a few weeks ago. I’ve been busy- in all the best ways. It’s been great. And in the meantime, here’s what’s happening in the rest of my house:

  • Cammy, for whom jobs keep falling into his lap, has scored yet another awesome job. He’s working at a nearby athletic facility, once again recommended to the facility by someone who knows him. His hair continues to get more and more luxurious. He is a junior and starting to be much more serious about looking at colleges, WHAT.
  • Lishie ended a season of up-and-down competitions on the upswing, placing 5th overall (and even more exciting: one of the judges placed her 1st her soft shoe round). Now she’s splitting her time between dance and golf AND a boy came to the house and held up a sign, Say Anything-style, asking her to go to Homecoming. This is uncharted territory, my friends.
  • Addie J finished up her purple belt testing just this week. She’s also changed her Halloween costume from a fox to one of the Disney princesses, to go along with her group of friends. This is much easier for me, so I’m onboard.
  • Due to my new job, and due to the fact that Dave’s job is based out of Atlanta, he has been home for the after-school runs more often than I have. I told him yesterday that he is the new Mom. He told me that we’re all in trouble. Don’t believe it for a second. (Granted, we’re only a few weeks in. Anything can happen, right?)
  • So basically, I get up early and get the kids and myself out the door. Afternoons and evenings are a free-for-all and sometimes we’re not home and finished for the night until 9 or later. And our steady schedule of out-of-town every weekend has continued apace (not this weekend, burglars: we’ll be home). So that’s why I’ve been MIA: for all the best reasons.
  • Speaking of all the best reasons: I’m headed out now for drinks with a friend. I will try to carve out more time to update here in the coming weeks.

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