Shopping with Gabby

Cammy has attended a couple of high school dances. It’s easy as pie: I take him shopping a week or so beforehand, he quickly finds pants (black) and a shirt (black) and a tie (color dependent on the date). Easy as can be. Not so with Gabby; this year she is actually going to Homecoming with a date. At first I thought it was going to be just as simple; Gabby has never been a fan of too much fuss and too many frills. She didn’t even want to shop: she picked out a dress on Amazon and asked me what color Converse she should wear with it. I thought I was home free…. until the dress came, and it was too big, and it didn’t look the way she had envisioned it….. and I said, “Well, we can go shopping and you can try things on-” never thinking she would go for it and hiding my surprise when she said, “Okay. I’ll get my shoes.”

The boutique we went to was stuffed with variations on a single dress theme: lace and rhinestones on top, short fluffy skirts on the bottom. Gabby did try on a couple like that and thought she might like one in particular, red with red lace appliques and pockets (in retrospect, she talked about the pockets so much that I think they were her main motivator). She also tried on something totally different: a sleeveless sheath dress, with rays of rose gold sequins radiating out from a center point. When she was trying to decide between the two, one of the sales girls helpfully said, “Well, if you want to be sure that you get something similar to what the other girls are going to wear, go with the red. That way you know you won’t stand out for looking different.”

Now we’re trying to figure out what color Converse goes with rose gold.


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