Happy Anniversary!

I fell head over heels in love with Dave about 21 years ago. I married him 19 years ago. Between then and now, my feet landed back on the ground- in the best, best way. Dave and I have found our way together through the whole gamut of experiences- from awesome to “fuuuuuuck.” Standing at the altar nineteen years ago, there was a lot that I didn’t know (including that Dave would shortly step on my wedding dress and rip a hole in it. Just saying). I knew nothing about what was to come; I was just excited to spend it with this man by my side.

Today, I know a lot more about good times and bad times, and those things that can strengthen you or pull you apart. I know a lot more about the deep well of goodness in Dave, his essential groundedness, and his easy strength. I understand now that he will never, ever, get any better at being places on time. I also realize that I’m not always a peach to live with, either- and he accepted the whole package. More than ever, I understand that I know nothing about what is to come.

And I’m so, so glad to experience it with Davey. Thanks for being my buddy. Looking forward to our fifteen minute drink tonight, after Kid Activity Carpool.

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