Five years ago..

On this day in 2012, we were closing in on the first anniversary of my dad’s death. Dad was on our minds and in our hearts more or less constantly.

Then a monster walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 6 teachers and 20 children. Addie was 6 years old at the time, the same age as many of the children who died. She was full of questions about these children: what did they like to do, what did they think when the shooter came into the school, were they afraid. The idea of these children dying alone, without their parents, distressed Addie so much. A few days later, she came to me with a solution. She said, “Do you think Papa was there to help those kids when they died? So they didn’t feel scared?”

And I said the only possible thing I could tell a 6-year-old child struggling to answer an impossible question: “Yes. Papa is taking good care of those kids for their families. You don’t have to worry about them.”

Please go to the memorial website today, look at their photos, and read the stories of these women and children whose lives were taken for no reason at all.

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