Happy 2018!

I survived my first semester in my new position- and even thrived. You guys, I LOVE IT. This position was tailor made for my skill set, and I don’t mind at all that I was so busy for an entire semester that I did nothing but work, drive carpool, and go to yoga.

Especially because we spent 10 days in New Orleans after Christmas! Because I have a big girl job now, I can’t blow off my responsibilities for Mardi Gras (still cannot believe the whole world doesn’t stop for Carnival season) this year. So the five of us and some friends took off for NOLA, and we slept in and had beignets and went on haunted pub crawls and I ran in Audobon Park and it was absolutely fantastic.

I approve this message.

I approve this message.

Also this message.

Also this message.

In other news, the anniversary of Dad’s death is approaching. My siblings and I have had a group text going for months now- initially because of our Ireland trip, but now just for logistics and sibling teasing purposes. My brother texted us the photo below – taken at probably 5am on Christmas morning- in which my Dad, hilariously, appears to be examining his life choices:

Also please enjoy that sketch of my mother on the wall.

Also please enjoy that sketch of my mother on the wall.

Before we head into the spring semester- a semester for which I have even more grand plans- I want to recount a conversation I had with Gabby a couple of nights ago.

GABBY [bounding into the room and interrupting my book]: Mom!!!! I’m going to send you a link to a video. You don’t have to watch it right now, but I want you to watch it. It’s of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance.

JULIE: Just so you know, I will not be watching that video.

GABBY: …Then I’ll just put it on and make you watch it right now. [Climbs on me and forces me to watch an infinity of My Chemical Romance videos, and also explains to me how Gerard Way loves Smashing Pumpkins and wants to emulate that band’s trajectory.]

JULIE: I saw Smashing Pumpkins in concert once.

GABBY: Mom! This is not about your ancient concerts. Here’s Gerard Way in a million hair colors. Which do you like best?

JULIE:  ….. Well, when he’s really really blond, maybe he’s trying to kind of emulate Billy Corgan.

GABBY [total disdain]: Who’s Billy Corgan? He is not.

JULIE: Billy Corgan formed Smashing Pumpkins. He’s probably your boy’s hero and you didn’t even know it.

GABBY: Oh my gosh, Mom. You’re ruining this for me.

[DAVE enters the room]

GABBY: Dad! Mom is ruining this for me.

DAVE: Judging by her face, I think you’re ruining this for Mom.

I bet my face looked just like Dad’s does in the pic above. Solidarity, Dad. I feel you.



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