Six Years.

Love you, and miss you always.

Love you, and miss you always.

Six years ago today- an eternity and an instant- my beloved and wonderful dad won peace in his battle with cancer. I think about him every day. We talk about him every day. My mom and my siblings and I are on a group text, where for the past few days we have been reliving his jokes and his sayings, texting each other our favorite photos, and telling each other our favorite stories.

How he would have loved to see my son, his chubby-cheeked little doppelganger, morph into a lean, strong lacrosse player– and to mercilessly tease him about his long hair. Gabby was in third grade when he died, so although Dad was quite familiar with her king-sized personality, he never got the chance to see what a strong, funny, confident young lady she would become. Today I asked Addie what she remembered about her papa, and she remembers- just barely, and I had to help her with the details- that she and I used to take Dad to his radiation treatments, and that the nurses there always had a treat for her. She would eat her cookie- or drink her hot chocolate- and color the nurses a picture while we waited for Dad. “And they put it on the wall, didn’t they, Mom?” Addie asked me today, with a little spark of memory in her face. But about her Papa- Addie was five years old when he died, and her memories are more about feelings than moments. She remembers laughing, and she remembers love.

I still miss my dad every day. And I still try, every day, to make him proud of me. Love you, Dad.



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