The Egg-celerator

Once upon a time I thought that my days of making crazy crap for the kids’ school projects were coming to a close, hahahahahahaha. Cam came home this week, needing to create a device that could safely hold a raw egg when dropped from a distance of 15 feet. After lots of wild ideas including some sort of force dispersion powder, a counterweighted Pringles can, and even peanut butter- Cam and I settled on bubble wrap and a cardboard box. He covered his device with flame-printed duct tape and labeled it “The Egg-Celerator” which is funny although slightly off point, and headed off to school. We had this conversation this afternoon, and please enjoy Gabby’s cameo:

CAM: So my egg survived. BUT: three other people who used bubble wrap had their eggs break.

JULIE: Wow. I bet you were sweating it.

CAM: I was. But it survived. But you should have seen what some other people used, Mom! Someone used buckshot, and someone else used a jar of Vaseline–

JULIE: -buckshot?!

GABBY [calling from her room]: I told you to use peanut butter! If they let someone use Vaseline, they would have let you use peanut butter!

JULIE: He couldn’t use food,Gabby! When’s the last time you ate a spoonful of Vaseline?


CAM: – and I was thinking: maybe I could have done something cooler. Like, what if I put magnesium and water into a bottle cap, and suspended the egg within it? So when it landed, the magnesium would ignite and burn the bottle, and the egg would end up resting on the ash?


CAM: Magnesium burns pretty fast, Mom.

JULIE: Yeah, you’re right. I was just burning some magnesium the other day, and it really burned fast, my God.



CAM: …..I don’t think that’s true.


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