Happy birthday Cameron!

cammyThis beautiful boy turns 17 today and I cannot believe it. I am not a parent who longs for the infant stage to return, or to go back to the toddler stage- to ask for that would be to negate all that my son has become since then (it would also mean less sleep, and… no thanks). He is far too intelligent and talented, affectionate and interesting for me to want to reverse time.

Cameron is my first child and my only son. He is one of the brightest lights and greatest joys of my life. (He also sucks sometimes- real talk.) His schoolmates know him as a kind person who is always there to listen or lend a hand- and his sisters know him as a demigod with his own car, who enjoys country music and instructing them on the ways of the world. Cam is a good student, a dedicated athlete, and- as he has always been- a gifted people person. He thrives in a group setting, making some people feel more at home and bridging gaps for others. It’s just who he is and what he does.

I always wanted a son of my own- I didn’t care about having more than one, I just wanted one- and it is my great honor and privilege to have a son as spectacular as Cameron. He is sharp. He is kind. He is funny. (He is also a teenage boy, so he also…… keeps us on our toes. Let’s put it like that.) I would never go back in time to when he was younger, because with every year, he is developing more and more into the good man he will become. He fills me with pride and joy and a sense of wholly undeserved good fortune, and- even though he belongs more to himself than to me- he will forever and always be my beautiful boy.

Happy birthday, Cam. You make the world a better place.

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    • Chrsitine Munsell

      Hello Julie, have you decided to quite writing the blog? You are so interesting and it is a way to be a part of your lovely family. Hope all is well with you all. Miss Christine

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