16 weeks: Julie's to-do list

1. Complete paperwork I’m working on and get a copy to the secretary.

2. Remember that it must be a HARD copy– that, according to the secretary, “attachments don’t always come through properly.”

3. Remember that this secretary is idiosyncratic and territorial. Do not lose patience and offer to teach secretary how to open and print an attachment, as this will make us enemies for life.

4. Somehow get the Play-Doh out of the office carpet. Actually– somehow get Dave to get the Play-Doh out of the office carpet when he cleans out the office. Somehow get Dave to clean out the office.

5. Rectify Dave’s social blunder of last week; call mother of birthday-party boy and explain that I wanted to know if Gabby and I should drop Cammy off at McDonald’s or if we should stick around and wait for him. I did NOT want to know whether Gabby could attend.

6. Find the paint chip that we agreed upon for the entryway. Collect $10, on our bet that the name of the color is “Faint Maple.” Hold this victory over Dave’s head as long as possible.

7. Clean the glass on my new entryway mirror, toute suite. Every time I walk through there it bugs me, then I somehow immediately forget about it.

8. Remember to call my friend Ann and wish her a happy birthday on Tuesday.

9. Discreetly find out the actual date of my brother’s wedding in 2004. I think it was September 4, but I know for sure that their daughter was born on the 4th last year, so am I confusing the two??? And yes, I was the matron of honor at that wedding, and yes, Cameron was the ringbearer, and yes, it was a very big deal all around. I just…. can’t…… remember.

10. When I see the new ob this week, ask her to schedule my Level II ultrasound and triple screen test, so that I don’t lose the opportunity.

11. Continue to use the treadmill, but STOP RUNNING ON IT. DON’T BE STUPID. PREGNANT RUNNING SUCKS.

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