Quotable Dave

In case you haven’t picked up on this by now, the Gabster is not a particularly sensitive child. She knows where everyone else’s buttons are and can play them like a concert pianist, yet she herself is able to let almost anything roll off her back. Last night, Gabs was messing around at dinnertime, and had succeeded in getting on Dave’s nerves, getting on my nerves, and revving up her brother to the point of homicide. I finally snapped, “Gabrielle CAIT!!!! Sit down in your chair RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!” And for some reason, she looked startled, and crocodile tears started to form, then fall. She stood in her chair, crying, looking at me and saying, “Mommy!…. Mommy!!!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I glanced at Dave and said, “I think I hurt her feeling. I mean, her feelings.” And, as he lifted her off her chair to hand her to me, he replied, “Actually, I think she only has the one.”

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