Thanksgiving foreboding...

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is taken by my siblings as an opportunity to mercilessly bring up embarrassing memories from my past. One year, my brief fling with the guy who later came out of the closet came to light. Also, the Sit & Spin incident, in which I, as a 2-year-old, threw a spectacular tantrum (which was caught on camera) over sharing the Sit & Spin with my useless brother, who I will swear to this day only wanted that thing because it made me mad. A few days ago my younger brother mentioned that he was “warming up his stories” for this year.

Unfortunately there is no shortage of embarrassing Julie stories, and new ones are being created by the day. So I can’t just wait for the well to run dry. My best strategy, therefore, is to create a diversion. Here is a list of topics I am considering. Feel free to make your own suggestions:

1. We’ve been watching old episodes of “Wonder Woman” lately, since Addison is going as Wonder Woman for Halloween. Did you know that one of the lines of her theme song is, “In her satin tights/ fighting for your rights?” What is THAT about???

2. How long will it take for all your neighbors to put away their decorations this holiday season? There is a house somewhere in my neighborhood (you know who you are) who leaves theirs up every year. For months. AND plugs it all in every night (nothing more festive than a light-up Santa in April).

3. Dave and I went to a party over the weekend, where we knew only the hosts: parents of Cameron’s friend. We wondered on the way there, if they might be too strait-laced for our taste, but the husband set us straight immediately, with a hilarious dirty joke about Mike Ditka. Later they told us that they had wondered if WE were going to be too strait-laced for THEM. How many other kids’ parents in New Lenox put up such a good front as Mom and Dad, that they’ve tricked us into thinking they’re boring?

4. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but here in New Lenox, drivers seem to believe that a car making a left-hand turn at a stop sign, has right-of-way over a car going straight. Why is this? And can someone please throw together some sort of public education campaign?

5. Dave picked up some book about properly combining foods for optimal health, which I was perusing last night. The gist was that, basically, if something is delicious– don’t eat it.

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