“We’re here with your lunch”

My office has a Christmas lunch , where we bring our kids, they get little gifts, those of us on vacation come in for a few hours, we all hang out & etc. Since we don’t have a secretary or receptionist, we share the responsibility of setting up the lunch and this year was my turn.

Our lunch is scheduled for tomorrow. I arranged for the caterers to come tomorrow. On most of my paperwork from them, it says “December 21.” Only, on the contract itself, it says “December 20.” Their mistake, but I signed it. I’m not even at the office right now…  butI got a call from the office a few minutes ago: “Ummm… Ju? Our lunch just arrived.”  They’re going to be nice enough to replace our salad in the morning, but it looks like Dave or I will be making a trip to the office, to pick up all the trays so that we can heat them up before we bring them in tomorrow and set them in the little Sterno things. I hope Dave agrees to do it for me because I will never stop being mocked for this.  My office has already called back to say that, in despair, they ate all the dessert tray, and would the caterer be willing to replace that, too. Freaking dorks. Oh, and they all TOTALLY had lunch out of it already. My friend Tobin was like, “Tell her the steak fajitas are delicious!!!”

I say, that’ll teach them to make me order the catered lunch when I have pregnancy brain…..

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