14 weeks: How Vomit Spoiled Our Weekend

Here was the original schedule for this weekend:

1. noon: Cameron goes to party #1
2. 1:30: drop Gabby at my mom’s and head to wedding
3. 2:00: Cameron goes to party #2
4. 5:00: Cameron goes to my mom’s and the kids sleep over

1. Brunch
2. Followed by last-minute shopping
3. 2:00: Cameron’s Christmas program
4. 3:00: visit from Santa Claus (my dad does this for the school every year)
5. movies with the kids in our bed.

Here is what actually transpired, starting Saturday:

1. 8:00: Cameron eats donut holes
2. 9:00: We all go to Target. Cameron seems strangely quiet.
3. 10:00: Cameron vomits massively all over the car. He needs to be stripped down to his underwear, and we line his carseat with Dave’s shirt. I come close to puking myself, just as a pregnancy reflex, and Dave whips me into shape thusly: “Don’t you DARE throw up in this parking lot!!” Also, the whole car smells disturbingly sweet and delicious, like a traveling bakery.
4: 11:00: more puking. We cancel the first party.
5. 11:15: puking again. We cancel the second party.
6. 11:30: more puking. We call a friend to let them know we will not make the wedding ceremony.
7. 4:00: My mom offers to watch the kids just long enough for us to attend dinner at the reception.
8. 6:00-10:30: Dave and I leave for the reception.  My mom takes a picture of us on our way out the door; Dave, noticing how my face has already started to “expand” from the pregnancy, asks me if I am posing as an angry blowfish.  This does not endear him to me.


1. 8:00: Cameron pukes again.  (So do I.)
2. 8:30: and again.  (So do I, again.)
3. 9:30: and again. (You know it.) 
4. 11:00 one more time (yep), and he starts to feel better.

So essentially, he was sick until there was no chance for us to do anything at all, and then he immediately got well again.  …..and at some point over the weekend, I realized that the baby hates when I sit down and lean over. There’s nothing else that makes that little swishy feeling, exactly where my uterus is– I am officially feeling the baby move. Unfortunately for the baby, due to all the puking, I spent lots of time this weekend, sitting down and leaning over.  Plus, that little swishy feeling kind of makes me carsick.

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