A spoonful of sugar

Dave bought the kids a CD of Harry Connick, Jr, singing some children’s songs, and they are loving “Spoonful of Sugar.” I was listening to Cam sing it to himself just now: “A spoonful of SugAAAHHHHH helps the MEDICINE, go DOWN…. MEDICINE go DOOOOWN…. MEDICINE, GO DOWN…..a spoonful of sugAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH–helpsthemedicinegodown…….IN a most DEE-LIGHT-FUL WAY!!!!!!!” It put the biggest grin on my face.

Until I called the library. I returned some books last week, but received an overdue notice on one of them today. It’s happened before, once or twice. So I called and said, “I received an overdue notice this morning–” “Yes,” snapped the librarian. “You’ll need to bring the material back here as soon as you can and pay the fine.”

I said, “…. well, I am certain that I did return that book on Friday, and I am wondering if someone could go and check the stacks.”

“We always check the stacks before we send out notices, so I really doubt we have the book here. Have you looked in your house?”

Now I was annoyed. I said, in a not-very-nice tone, “I do not have the book. I always review my account before I return books, to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. And this has happened to me twice before, in fact. I would like someone to check the stacks, because I absolutely did return the book on time.”

She said, “I hardly think it’s happened that often, but I’ll have someone check the stacks and get back to you.” I said, “I can assure you that it has, which is why I am confident that the error, once again, is on your side.” So we exchanged information, continuing to snipe at one another, and a bit later a different woman, very nice and apologetic, confirmed that they did indeed have the book and were taking care of the mistake now. Hmmph. That first biblio-bitch needs a spoonful of sugar herself.

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