13 weeks-- hospitals, Christmas shopping, and the mustache

First of all– and most importantly– my insurance provider has worked out a contract with the hospital where I want to deliver, so that big worry is over!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend we dropped Cam and Gabs off with a friend and went downtown, for lunch and Christmas shopping with another couple. We had such a great time. It was really Maya and I doing the shopping, with Dave and Shea just sort of following us around, carrying the bags and hanging out with each other. I love when the guys get a chance to spend time together, because those two really don’t get that chance. I think we’re going to make it a holiday tradition, in fact. And to think I was all crabby that we had to leave the house yesterday morning!

And finally, I don’t know if I have mentioned this, but every time we go somewhere with Cameron, the air of a foreign place seems to act as a laxative, with the result that he has taken a dump in every public restroom in a 25-mile radius.  Now, I prefer to hover in a public bathroom, but with Cameron I just put toilet paper over the seat. This, in our house, is known as “putting a mustache on it” for some reason. So Cameron, during this afternoon’s public dump (at Target FYI), was squirming a little, and I had to remind him a few times not to touch the seat itself. I didn’t think I was being loud, but when I came out Maya was giggling. Apparently at one point– and to the general bemusement of the other women in the restroom– I was heard to say, clearly and sharply, “Cameron!! Don’t touch the mustache!!”

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