Happy Halloween!!!!

*So Halloween candy is like crack to Addison. She cannot stop asking for it, carrying around unopened pieces, trying to get the wrappers off, having hysterics unless there is some in her mouth. Plus, all the extra sugar means that she’s been aimlessly running, nonstop, since 7am. I predict that she’ll hit rock bottom at around 7:30 this evening.

*Which is just when the bonfire at my sister’s house will be in high gear, actually, so that ought to be really, really fun for all. (Which, for obvious reasons, reminds me that I am supposed to bring beer.)

*Bucking our normal trend of waiting until the last minute to buy candy to give out at our house, Dave went out and loaded us up. Unfortunately for me, he also bought Take 5 bars, which are either the ambrosia of the gods or my version of crack rocks– not sure which. Have you ever had one? Pretzels, caramel, chocolate…. if I am even aware that there is one in the house, I can think of nothing else. Gabby could be writing on the walls with Dry-Erase markers and I’d be all, “That looks good, Gabs….. okay, maybe I’ll have just one bite. No, I can’t. Well, just 2 small bites…”

*My sitter, Christine, has been taking our empty milk jugs for a month or two now, for a mystery project. Well, she pulled into my driveway this week with the project belted into the back seat: life-size, 3-D milk jug “skeletons” held together with paper-clip joints. It is truly the coolest Halloween prize I have ever seen. Addison took one look and immediately rushed it like a linebacker (a sure sign that she likes it). So, when you see my super-cool skeleton dangling from my porch, before you start admiring me and my craftiness: all the credit goes to Christine.

*And a general PSA to New Lenox: any crappy candy that goes into my kids’ pumpkins (peanut butter kisses, that means you) has a good chance of getting recycled into my giveaway basket. So if you don’t want a houseful of lemon Tootsie Rolls and gummy amputated feet: bring out the good stuff tonight.

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