Another random question....

I dropped my car off at Pep Boys to have a flat fixed. They called to say that the damage had been done to the sidewall, so it could not be fixed. I said, “What kind of damage was done to the sidewall?” (We didn’t see any nails or glass in the tire and didn’t know why it had gone flat.)

Answer: “Well, it was DAMAGE. Done to the SIDEWALL. See, ma’am, the side of your tire is called the ‘sidewall.’ When there is some kind of puncture in the sidewall, it will leak air, just like when you have a puncture in the treads. That is why your tire went flat.”

Now, why did this person think I was so stupid that he needed to start with a definition of sidewall? Do I come off like an idiot? Was it my gender? What?!?!??

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