Gabby the Composer

I present here, the original Song/ Performance Piece/ Philosophical Statement, composed by my daughters, Gabby and Addison, around lunchtime today:


Everyone thinks that my stuff is the beeeeeeest

The best and the hest and the reeeeeeeest

Everyone wants to see-ee my beeeeeeed

My bed and my head and my reeeeeeeed

Everyone wa-ants to play with my stuuuuuff

My stuff and my guff and my huuuuuuuuff–

[spoken] Mom, where in the world is the middle of nowhere?



Tiny, tiny, tiiiiiiny!!

That’s riiiiiiiiight


I love, I love, I love

I love, I love, I love

I love, I love, I love


Crawl upon the flooooooor

[ADDISON: Pull pull pull pull]

Crawl upon the flooooooor

{ADDISON: Pull pull]

Baby, I can’t fight this feeling any—

[ADDISON: Nonny, PULL!!]

[spoken] Okay, I have to poop.

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