I ran out of candy for the Advent calendar this morning– you’ll recall that I can’t keep all the little sections stocked with candy or else Addie J spends the day stealing it, then telling on herself. I had planned on getting some today, but time got away from me, and when the kids came home from school I told them they’d have to wait for me to get to the store later tonight. A few moments later, Gabby asked me for one of her notecards from the desk drawer. A few moments after that, a sealed envelope was tossed into my lap. It looked like this:









(I especially enjoyed her creative spelling of “Jouly.”)

Inside was this note:








Hmmmm…. so many questions. Why the formal presentation? How can she be so sure? Why is she of all people suddenly “sensutiv?” And most importantly, how will I get through her teenage years?

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