Must improve censor….

meatballsI was reminded at dinnertime that Cameron is not a young child anymore, and the jokes that used to go over his head, may no longer do so.  Dave made dinner– meatballs and spaghetti– and I had been teasing him because he researched his own recipe for meatballs instead of using my superior better usual recipe.   However, somehow his meatballs were like perfect spheres.  I have never seen such perfectly spherical meatballs in my life.  So, as a backhand compliment and also because I am completely immature, I made the following remark at the dinner table: “Wow, Dave– your balls are really round.”

And Cameron started dying laughing.  Fortunately, he thought that I, in my parental density, had no idea what I was saying.  I asked him, “What are you laughing about?”  And he turned red and stammered that, while he did not think this was funny at all, there was a kid in his class who would think I meant something else.  “But don’t worry, Mom– I know you were talking about the meatballs,” he said, looking earnestly into my eyes. 

And the whole time, Dave was giving me the, “I am thoroughly enjoying watching you screw yourself over,” smirk.  Damn it.

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