Did anyone here know that it’s possible to have two strains of the flu at once? Yeah, me neither. But Gabby’s test at the ped’s office was positive for two strains of flu. The poor kid has been glassy-eyed and miserable since Monday. Also– a complaint directed at the CVS pharmacist: remember this week, when I asked for your help because my pediatrician told me to buy Mucinex, but the box of Mucinex that I found said it was “not for kids under 12?” Well, instead of just telling me, “No, your daughter can’t use that,” and sending me home empty-handed, you MIGHT have been humane enough to tell me that there is a kids’ version of Mucinex. You know, since you knew that the Mucinex was for my SICK KID. I’m just saying.

So this entry will have to be a little truncated– I’m trying to take care of my feverish child AND discover the source of that unpleasant smell in the office. Please let it not be a dead gecko and I’ll have a longer post for you next week!

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