Tiger by the Tail

Oh my God. The gecko lost its tail this week. Cam was trying to touch the gecko, and it freaked out for no reason and ran around its water bowl, where it momentarily got stuck and jettisoned its tail in order to get through. It was actually kind of gross to be honest– the gecko then climbed up to the top of the tank and clung to the screen so that we could not open the tank. This gave us an opportunity to A. check out how gory the gecko’s stump was and B. watch the amputated tail slowly turn whitish-grey (ick, actually). It did not, however, give us the opportunity to open the tank and do anything about the situation… Razor the gecko was clearly ready to make a break for it. The standoff went on for like 12 hours, until Razor either climbed down or maybe fell asleep and fell down, I honestly don’t know which. Cam was beside himself, and Addison was THRILLED. She danced around Cam’s room, yelling, “The tail’s off!!! The tail’s off!” until I banned her from the premises. Oh, and Gabby has worn a tail (a string of broken Mardi Gras beads) all week, in a gesture of solidarity.

So Cam and I have read endless internet pages about this problem. Depending on who we believe, the gecko will be just fine/ require the whole tank to be covered in paper towels (???) / need the stump constantly coated in Neosporin (what????)/ urgently require orange juice / want to eat its own tail (too late)/ die. We’ve decided to go with “be just fine,” although if anyone knows anything about geckos and tail loss, please do me a solid and share your experience.

In other news, we’ll be having our annual Easter Egg Hunt, complete with a visit from the Easter Bunny, next weekend. And I would like to send a big advance thank-you to a very, very sweet woman who lives nearby and owns a fluffy costume with big ears, and who volunteers her time (and her delicious handmade chocolate) to a pack of overstimulated kids with grass stains all over their Easter outfits. (P.S.– THIS is what happens to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade candy: it becomes plastic egg-filler. Some day my kids will realize that they didn’t “eat it all during the parade” and be sooooooo mad.)

Okay, and one more thing: Cam is making his First Communion in May. I totally have to tell you about the trials and tribulations of getting him a suit to wear (why does every store carry such dorky suits? Do they want my son to get beaten up?), but it will have to wait until next week. In the meantime, a quick shout-out to my husband: NO SAUSAGE BREAKFAST SANDWICH! IT’S FRIDAY AND THIS IS LENT!!!!!!

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