Save the Words…

So, the Oxford English Dictionary is tired of getting pwned by the fact that 90% of English communication is consists of the same boring 7,000 or so words.  Hundreds of awesome words are lost every year because so many lazy mothers can’t be bothered to learn them, much less use them.  [N.B. I use the term “mothers” here as a slang abbreviation.  I am NOT dissing women with children.]

But there is hope: you can go here to see many, many endangered words which you can adopt, begin using, influence all your copycat friends to begin using, and thus save the words!!!!!  I think you should get started right now.  So far I have adopted cloakatively (meaning superficially), sagittipotent (meaning good at archery)which my friend Georgee and I have already used in at least a dozen sentences like, “What I like about Orlando Bloom is how badass sagittipotent he was in the movie ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ”  and gaudiloquent (meaning joyfully loquacious).   

So, go save some words!!  While you do that, I’m going to chaperone this contest of Nerf dart sagittipotence between Cam and Gabby, as Addie J gaudiloquently spectates from the cloakative safety of the kitchen table.

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    • I am keleusmatically calling for more posts of this nature. I don’t want to pudify you with praise but this is about as enjoyable as a platter of lardlets. But being the squiriferous man I am, I had to let you know this isangelous post is better than an afternoon of playing piladex.

    • Jules

      Will you be my second husband?

    • Yes, but only after my October 2011 nuptials. You can then be my second wife and we’ll have a reality show called “Celeberrimous Amalgamation of Polygamy” or maybe just stick with “Sister Wives”.

    • Adventure Time Hipster


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