Wednesday Random Quote

From Addie J, the source of all insane and random quotes:

Mommy, you are like a buffalo.  But you’re not.  But I don’t think you are handsome.  Please stop eating the crickets and will you snuggle with me?

Honest to god, neither one of us was asleep or under any hallucinogenics at the time.  And I was not eating crickets.

    2 comments to Wednesday Random Quote

    • Adventure Time Hipster

      Sounds like last night 😛

      Now it’s time to explain my presence on your blog: I discovered this when I was depressed and searched “I hate everything” in Google Images. Upon scrolling down, I saw a pic of Adventure Time (the greatest show in existence) and got excited :3. I then read your post, went cr-azy, and now I’m reading way too much xD. I should probably get back to my AP European History. Psh, as if.

    • Jules

      Well, I couldn’t disagree more on Adventure Time…. but welcome nonetheless. : ) Thanks for reading!

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