Extream Shnowser Makeover

And here we have the gift Gabby left on my pillow last night before bed: an extream shnowser  makeover(side note: a schnauzer?  Really?!?!?!?  Last night I was all, “What…. Why…. But we don’t…. .what would make her…..Dave does this say schnauzer??”).  Please note the “before” picture in the left-hand corner: his whiskers are super-long, he is shamefully naked, and if you haven’t already reached this conclusion, Gabby tells you that he is, indeed, “ugly.”

Behold the after shot: those whiskers have been trimmed back to a lush Tom Selleck mustache.  He’s wearing a tux (or a “tucks”).  He’s borrowed a hat from a park ranger.  And, judging by his fancy glasses and eyeliner, he’s either emo, or gay, or both– Gabby’s extream makeover has even given him the means to express his inner self!  Fantastic!! 

My only quibble here might be with the creative spelling… but then, creative spelling can sometimes be even cooler than boring old “correct” spelling.  This guy knows what’s up:

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