Things That Are Awesome

Know what I love? …….. When I go to a production meeting and the flamboyant, super-stylish, totally awesome costume designer compliments my shoes.  Especially since I didn’t even bring my A-game when dressing for this particular meeting.  I am beside myself with delight.  Dave wanted to know if I’m going to start dressing to impress the costume designer at all the production meetings, and I said, “Hell yes!!  Don’t pretend you wouldn’t do the same!”

And, come on: if you had access to a guy with flawless taste, who would totally give you the straight scoop, don’t tell me you wouldn’t try to figure out how to get him to check out your closet.  But for now, I’m all about the “those are great shoes” I got today.  There is no higher compliment, my friends.  No higher compliment.

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