Foot in Mouth, take 17 million

Dave and I saw Romeo and Juliet at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre last night (awesome, by the way.  I highly recommend it).  On the way up the stairs I thought I saw a child with a hood that had a mane and some ears.  I said, “Do I see a horse going up the stairs in front of me?” 

And the woman directly in front of me on the stairs turned and gave me a dirty look.

I panicked.  I went on in an insanely loud,, overly casual voice, “You know, there was a kid…. with a hood… and it had ears….”  and Dave tried to save me with an equally loud and bright, “Yeah, I think he’s already at the top of the stairs– but I saw him, all right!!  That kid with the horse hood is definitely real!!”  

Unfortunately, Dave was also giggling uncontrollably, so his credibility may have been compromised.  But I would like to take this opportunity to plainly announce: I WAS NOT calling the woman in front of me a horse.  I know it looked bad.  I realize my reaction made it infinitely worse.  But I truly was not.

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