Random thoughts from the weekend

*Early on Thanksgiving morning, Addie J peeled back one of my eyelids and whispered, “Can we make you pancakes?”  Both of my eyes sprang open, and I heard Dave smelling the air for flames.  I said, “…….No…..?” and the J whispered back, “Okay,” and tiptoed flamboyantly out of the room like it was a bit on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”  When she got .02 inches outside the door, she yelled at the top of her lungs, “WE CAN’T MAKE PANCAKES AND IN YOUR FACE, CAM!!!!!!!”

*Friday morning, Cam and Gabby each had a flying lesson.  The pilot called me before we left to say that it was pretty windy and ask if my kids got motion sickness…….  somehow I was the one who got sick.  and by “got sick” I mean white as a ghost, in a cold sweat, slumped in the back seat of the plane and trying not to think about puking, while the kids executed hairpin turns and screamed with delight every time the plane rocked.  Also, Gabby started saying, in complete seriousness, “Roger that,” into her headset every time the pilot gave her a direction.

*On Saturday, we all went out to the Christmas tree farm to get our trees.   Jill and Brandy, as usual, picked the tree right next to their car; as Brandy was trying to cut it down with one of the saws they give you– which might be better suited for filing my nails– Gabby looked askance at it and said, “So…. you’re going to just hang onto this one and keep looking, right?”  My nephew Casey and I cut down my parents’ tree… or rather, Casey and I spent ten minutes on the frozen ground, getting sawdust in our mouths and sawing back and forth, until the tree fell over.  Then my mom took the saw, knocked loose the three fibers holding the tree to the stump, and claimed she cut down the tree while Casey and I lounged around.  (Meanwhile, Dave and Cameron took like 4 hours to cut down our tree, which as usual is as fat as hell.  We love the fat trees.)

*When we got home, Dave proved how well he knows me by going out and buying this shiny little hatchet so that I could trim our fat tree trunk to fit in our Christmas tree stand.  This is the coolest tool ever; it’s got this little leather holster and it’s all sharp and shiny and you know how I am about things that are shiny.  My favorite tool is the drill press, but this new  hatchet runs a close second.  Also, I immediately cut the back of my neck by singing the, “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay,” song and tossing the hatchet over my shoulder.

*Oh, and by the way: Dad’s tumor has a name!  I’ll do a separate post on that, because I just came back from a run and I”m all sweaty and now kinda cold and I have to pick up the dog from the groomer’s because her hips gave out and she fell into her own pile of poop (and now I’ve bought these little paw socks with grips on the bottom to keep her feet from sliding out from under her.  She’s going to H A T E them with a passion) so, basically: gotta go.

Please ponder this while you await the tumor contest post: I’m doing a lighting design for the musical “Spelling Bee” in a few months, and there’s a satirical fantasy scene where Jesus magically appears and helps the speller.  The question is: do you think Jesus would arrive with or without some haze pumped into the air of the theatre?  (These are the kinds of deep and important questions I get to ponder in my vocation.  Some people consider their company’s fiscal stability, others focus on the health and well-being of their patients– I think, “Does Jesus come with haze?”)

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