Advance Notice: It’s All Relative

I couldn't even find a grey, long-sleeved, musical notes tshirt on the Internet. This stupid shirt is as close as I could come.

We were headed to a birthday party this morning when Gabby said, “Hey, Mom?  I need to wear my outfit tomorrow for the school play.  They told us on Friday.”  I said cautiously, “Well, what do you have to wear?”

“Grey pants and a long-sleeved grey shirt with musical notes on it.”

(Please pause and think to yourself right now, where you might find a long-sleeved grey shirt with musical notes on it.  Today.)

I said, “They didn’t tell you this until Friday?”  And she responded, “Well…. I actually think there’s a note on my script [which she has had since November].  But Mom– they didn’t remind us until Friday.” 

I drove on, wondering where I was going to find a long-sleeved shirt with musical notes on it, and I said, “You really need to tell me these things much sooner, Gabby.  It will be a challenge for us to fit in anything else today at all, much less to find exactly that shirt.”  And I changed the subject before I got massively irritated.

Later, I sat at the table drawing musical notes and clefs and rests on a grey Hanes tshirt with a black Sharpie.  Gabby and Cam stood around, alternately suggesting what to draw next and praising my artistry (I’m not gonna lie, I actually did a kickass job).  When it was finished, Gabby tried on her whole outfit and we applauded her.  Then she said, “See, Mom?  You didn’t need more time to make this shirt.  I only told you this morning and it looks awesome!”  Then she scampered away before I could throttle her.

    4 comments to Advance Notice: It’s All Relative

    • Joann Giampaolo

      It does look awesome!

    • Julie Giampaolo

      Thanks, Mom. I thought so too. 🙂

    • Kathleen Stevens

      Your adventures in Mommy-dom crack me up, Julie.

    • Kendra Chellios

      I remember one Halloween when Lacey decided she wanted a pink ladies jacket to wear for the parade that afternoon. Went to Louis Joliet Mall T-shirt shop as soon as they left for school and was barely back before parade time. The things we Mom's do for our babies!

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