Easter Madness

I feel like my fabulous gay friend Larry might have posed for this Easter Bunny drawing.

Every year, the kids set a trap for the Easter Bunny.  This year I thought it wasn’t going to happen– but right before they went to sleep, the kids spilled the beans.  They were planning to stay up all night and catch the Bunny in action.  Because of the high likelihood of kids falling asleep, I persuaded them to instead string a line between the railing of the stairs and Cam’s doorknob.  That way, when the Bunny got to their doors to leave his customary trail of jelly beans down the stairs to their baskets, he would hit the line, slam Cam’s door, and wake us all up. 

Well, that wily bunny found the trap, for like the 5th year in a row.  He left a note with his paw print on it, which was pretty cool if you ask me, and way too much candy.  And speaking of candy: Addie J is officially off the wagon; she woke me at 6:30 this morning to ask if she could have some chocolate, which made it about 5 hours since she had last asked.  She even gave me her Reese’s Egg, which I thought was out of the goodness of her heart until she said, “Now, I will watch you eat that and you will watch me eat the rest of my basket!!!” 

Also, I have like 300 hard-boiled eggs at my house.  The girls had a couple of “special” eggs each (Addie’s was carefully decorated to look like Justin Bieber) and, when Dave and I were discussing the various kinds of egg dishes we could make with the leftovers (deviled eggs, egg salad… and then we lost interest)– the girls were like, “WAIT!!!!”  Gabby says, “We’re not going to eat Patricia and Kyle, are we?”  And the J chimed in, “And Justin Bieber?”  I considered how long these eggs would hang around the house and went with the rip-off-the-Bandaid approach: “Yes,” I said.  “We’re going to crack them open and eat them tomorrow.  They’re eggs and that’s what they’re for.” 

I just went into the fridge to make lunch and learned that the girls tucked Patricia, Kyle, and Justin Bieber into small Tupperware containers, surrounded them with napkin blankets, and placed them carefully out of the way in the fridge, ostensibly so that I would not find and then eat them. 

Is this how hoarders get their start?

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