Gabby’s Race

So Gabby ran her 5K, and she amazed me. Let’s take a moment to remember that she is 7 years old, and she is quite small: most people who guess her age guess that she is 5 or 6. That makes for a pretty tiny stride (side note: I like to blame my relative slowness on my short stride, caused by my height. When I do this I ignore the fact that my sister, who is maybe 2 inches taller than me, runs like the freaking wind). Her time was a bit over 37 minutes; she came in 4th place in her age group, running against girls upo to 14 years old. She was hilarious the whole time: we chatted, I told her over and over how tough she was, she looked over at me and grinned any time we passed someone. She poured water over her head twice, to the delight of all bystanders, and she charmed me out of some Starbucks and hair pretties on the way home.

Here’s the best part: we were at the race with Jill and some friends.  One of our friends recorded Gabby and I as we crossed the finish line.  When Gabby first saw the video, she said, “Wow! It looks like we were running really fast.” We watched it again at her request, a couple of times. Then she repeated a much-loved sweet nothing that she and I say to each other at bedtime: “If I could pick any mom in the world, I would pick you.” Then she gave me a huge hug and ran off.

I just love her.

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