Justice has been done.

Since last night, I’ve been watching news commentaries and reading comments on the internet about the death of bin Laden.¬† I’ve read about people celebrating, and people fearing reprisal, and I’ve read some insane (I mean, I N S A N E)¬†conspiracy theories.¬† And for me, it comes to this: that man deserved to be wiped from the face of the earth, in a hail of bullets and fire. And so he was.

Thank you to the special forces who have given us a better world this morning.

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    • Kimberly Suarez Pennington

      I kind of think he deserved to be tortured a little every day for 2,996 days in a burning room under the crushing weight of bricks. But I'm ever so thankful that I was not chosen as his judge or executioner, and grateful to be on the same side as those who were.

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