Where Does This Come From?

I am not a terribly girly kind of girl. Now I realize that Dave will immediately counter that with the number of shoes and accessories I own, or how many hair products are in the bathroom cabinet, or remind me that I have taken over our entire walk-in closet and he has to hang his work clothes in Addie J’s closet (don’t feel bad for him; he now has 3 rooms in our house that could legitimately be referred to as his office). Anyway: when my kids were babies, I was never a fanatic about dressing them in the perfect outfit (or, worse: matching outfits. If you ever saw my girls in the same dress it was due to laziness on my part).  I didn’t freak out at them for messing up their clothes and these days I let them pick out their own stuff. Where the J is concerned, I don’t even require her to MATCH. As long as she is dressed appropriately, I let it slide.

So I don’t know where this comes from, but this morning Addie J spent an hour trying to pick out just the right outfit for school. Finally I had to intervene and steer her toward a pair of jeans and the tshirt she had already chosen. Finally, I gave her a pair of Nikes for today’s school nature hike.

And she cried, you guys. She cried about her outfit not looking beautiful enough. She wanted me to carry her into the school and tried to hide behind me when we got there. Seriously, over a pair of shoes and some jeans. Meanwhile I stood there in my workout clothes, ponytail, and no makeup– which is my standard morning outfit so it’s not like I’m modeling diva behavior. She said despondently, “I just don’t have that beautiful feeling, Mommy!” and I replied, “Well, you should have it, because you’re beautiful no matter what you wear. Look at me!” Addie threw me the side-eye and looked up and down my yoga pants and tank top. “I still have that beautiful feeling!” I told her.

And Addie replied, “Well, I don’t know why.”

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