But DO You Know the Way to San Jose?

Once, I was telling a friend about how I was pitted against some other girl at the very end of a race, and in describing it I said that I “randomly” went into a sprint to beat her. My friend said, “Um, I think you mean “competitively.’ ” Which is totally true– I am actually pretty competitive. And I am married to a person who is also pretty competitive– Dave is usually just as certain that he is correct, as I am certain that I am correct. This leads to lots of (mostly) good-natured bets and some (usually) good-natured ribbing for whoever loses. Which as far as I’m concerned, is always Dave.

Tonight, as we sat with the kids at the kitchen table eating this giant platter of apple slices for some reason, I saw the words “San Jose” on the television. So quite naturally I sang, “Do You Know the Way to San Jose…la la lala la la lala la…” Cameron gave me the look he reserves for when I’m truly acting the fool, and said, “What is THAT??” I said, “It’s a song. I saw San Jose on the television. Everyone sings that song when they think of San Jose.” Cameron goes, “Yeah, okay Mom.” And returned skeptically to his apple binge.

I said, “No, it’s real. Let’s ask Dad: what song do you think of when I say ‘San Jose?’ ”

Here is where I overestimated Dave’s worldliness, because he said, “I have no idea.” I even gave him a couple of hints to no avail, before in exasperation I said, “You know: Do you know the way to San Jose… la la lala la la lala la..”

And Dave gave me the exact same “you’re an idiot” face and said emphatically, “No way is that a song. Your dad made that up. Your dad made that up and sang it when you were a kid and now you think it’s real!”

So obviously I had to dig this up. It’s pretty spectacular, too. Enjoy!

    7 comments to But DO You Know the Way to San Jose?

    • Summer Tarr

      Hahaha omg that is awesome.

    • Wendy Luedtke

      ok i don't see whatever it is you dug up, but for the record, I TOTALLY know the song. And YES it is precisely what a normal person thinks of when someone says "San Jose".

    • Joann Giampaolo

      He didn't make that one up, but there are a lot that he did make up!

    • Maribeth Kardas Hallahan

      absolutely, that is what I think of!! 😉

    • Julie Giampaolo

      Thank you. I'm really reveling in showing these to Dave. 🙂

    • Wendy Luedtke

      And, see? As soon as your comment got forwarded to my email and I saw it – guess what happened? Yup. Humming away now. Do you know the way to San Jose… la la lala la la lala la..

    • Miss Christine

      Thank you Julie!!!!!!!!

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