Happy Mother’s Day!

These knuckleheads are my four favorite people in the world. I should be thanking them on Mother’s Day, not the other way around.

Now, I am the first to say that I’m not that big on holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day or whatever. I know they love me. They don’t necessarily need to spend a whole day proving it to me, you know? Notice, however, that I said “not necessarily,” because today my ancient, doddering iPhone was replaced with a brand-new iPhone 4! Just because I gave birth a few times!!!!!! So believe me when I say, I’ll take my new phone. Along with my Belgian waffle breakfast and my sweet handmade cards and my giant margarita jug, courtesy of my parents. (I realize I am a very lucky person. I do.)

Speaking of my parents, can I just tell you something about my mom since today is the day for it? My siblings and I had the great good fortune of being raised by my mother, and to be honest she should probably go ahead and take credit for everything good any of us has ever done. I do not know how she stayed sane with a houseful of five kids, usually all yelling at once, and all needing something from her right now, but she did keep her head (usually), and most of all, she delivered. Being a mother to a great big group of crazies just came naturally to her, and now, instead of a mother to 5, she’s become a ringleader to this immediate-family group that is now up to 24 (!!!!!!!!) people. (Sorry, population control. You lost this round.) During this past winter, when my dad was so sick and everyone was focusing on him, my mom was quietly displaying how tough she is, too. She was there every day, taking care of my dad and filling out forms and not being able to sleep at night and still getting up to go to work. And also remembering birthdays and making kids’ cakes and just continuing to be the ringleader. The whole time. That, my friends, is the definition of strength and grace.

Also, this week’s Question of the Day: this time it comes from Addie J, who sat in the back of a shopping cart a couple of days ago, holding her new flip-flops (a gift from Grandma) and insisting I answer this question: “Which shoe is the flip,” she asked, “and which one is the flop?”

Perhaps my mom can tell her. I surely cannot.

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