Poserville, Population: Me.

You guys, I thought I was so fit. I was all, “I run all the time, I lift weights, I watch what I eat without being a Nazi about it– I’m all good.” And I’m signed up for the Warrior Dash next month, don’t forget. Jill keeps saying things like, “We really need to train for that,” and I keep agreeing while complacently thinking that this race, like most races I run, is something I am basically always physically ready to complete.

So yesterday I ran a few miles with Jill and her husband B, while he pushed Lila in the jogging stroller (thank god, right? Remember how useless I was last time we tried to use the jogger?). About 3/4 of the way back, Jill’s husband– who is actually fit, not half-ass fit like I apparently am– said, “Let’s sprint for the next 1/4 mile.” So, yeah: when I’m running by myself I only sprint the LAST 1/4 mile. I am not accustomed to continuing my run after the sprint. My legs were like, “Wait a minute- we just sprinted. We want to walk!! We want to WAAAAAAALK!!!!” (And also: B sprinted way ahead of us, still pushing the stroller, and got to the 1/4 mile mark well before we did. Dave was like, “Did you make him push the stroller the whole time?? And he still beat you?” and I had to admit that we did, and he did.)

So now, today after our run, Jill and I did a session of super-sets, given to us by B. I glanced over them: “Crunches? Push-ups, stuff like that? So simple! No problem!” Thought I.

Holy CRAP. I am such a poser. You should have seen me doing that last 60 seconds of crunches– I looked like a dying centipede. Turns out, I am only really good at the workouts I normally do…. the exercises in B’s routine that don’t match up to my usual routine? Not so much.

I really need to pull it together, or you really will be reading my obituary after the Warrior Dash. It’ll read something like, “Everyone thought Julie was in good physical condition. Yet somehow, she died trying to climb over a cable spool.”

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    • Kathleen Stevens

      OH! I am so proud of you, Julie. My niece, her husband & one of his Marine buddies are competing in a Tough Mudder event this July in Wisconsin. It's madness. Great gobs of good luck to you & your team "refining" your training & of course, competing. I'd better not read your obit (LOL). Seriously, I admire your drive & dedication.

    • Maribeth Kardas Hallahan

      you can do it 😉

    • Teresa LasCola Sarna

      I thought the plan was to go around the cable spool? Crap!

    • David Tibble

      I've lived there all my life…

    • Jane Healy Brown

      In all seriousness, do you really need to do B's routine? It's not like you have to train to throw yourself in front of the President? I'm just saying?

    • Libby Snyder

      Posing as we speak…

    • Julie Giampaolo

      Thanks, Kathleen! And thanks to all of you other posers. 🙂 Janey- you know I can't say no to a challenge. It's an illness.

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