How to Ruin a Child’s Self- Image: by Kerry Campbell

A few days ago, a friend of mine posted the below Huffington Post piece (with ABC News video) featuring Kerry Campbell, a mother who gives her 8-year-old daughter, Britney, Botox injections. In the video, this woman is completely unashamed and unapologetic, explaining that she does it to give Britney an edge in her pageant competitions. Evidently, Britney has lines on her face- at age 8- and her mother wants her to have the best chance possible at winning. Hence, the Botox (or so goes the logic in Kerry Campbell’s brain).

I really can’t stop thinking about this. There are so many things wrong- inherently, obviously, clearly wrong– here. Since this aired, the idiotic and unfit Kerry Campbell has come under investigation by Child Welfare Services, and ideally someone will get through her thick skull the physical and mental damage she is doing to her child. Or if they can’t, hopefully they’ll be able to stop her by threatening her with prosecution, or maybe force her to reveal her source for the Botox (by the way: if you are afraid to tell a broadcast journalist where you get your Botox because you think they might get in trouble for giving it to you– then you already know you’re doing something wrong, don’t you??). In any event, I dearly hope that CWS will find a way to intervene.

A fair-skinned woman I knew once told me that her mother used to put makeup on her before she went to school– “because I was always so pale.” I remember noticing her heavily made-up face as she told me that story, which she intended to be fun and lighthearted. I clearly recall both her obvious love and affection for her mother… and the bright lipstick stain on her cup. If some blush and lip gloss on an 8-year-old has the potential to create a woman who won’t leave the house without a full face of heavy makeup, what kind of havoc might Kerry Campbell be wreaking on her daughter Britney’s self-image?

Anyway. Here’s the video, with an extra little prayer for Britney Campbell: may your mother have some common sense knocked into her, so that you never find yourself sitting in a cafe wearing a faceful of collagen and Lancome, laughing to a horrified friend about your mom’s harmless habit of Botoxing your wrinkles.

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