Can Anyone Tell Me…

…..At what age I can expect to not be woken up at an ungodly hour by a little person, who is for some reason naked, and wants to offer me “some cake for my lizard?”

It would just be useful for future planning. Also, any information on when the girls will learn how to match their clothes– instead of just putting on individual favorite items such as this morning’s black heart t-shirt with blue leopard tights and the brown-and-pink paisley skirt from Thanksgiving– that might be helpful too.

    4 comments to Can Anyone Tell Me…

    • Maribeth Kardas Hallahan

      know and expect that those days to end, not sure exactly when and then it will be something else, then something else and before you know it, you remember that night when you got woken up by a naked child asking for cake for lizard and you will wish for it all over again! =) savor the moments!

    • Julie Giampaolo

      How bout it, M- I cannot believe Cameron is so old already!

    • Miss Christine

      As far as the clothes, black and white only!!!!!!!

    • Jules

      As if they would ever go for that, Christine. 🙂

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