Lady Gaga exhausts me.

So the first thing I saw online this morning was this huge photo of Stefani Germanotta, or as she styles herself, Lady Gaga:

Dude, I am so done with her. I cannot even imagine the effort it takes to walk around looking like such a jackass at all times. I went to school with girls like her, and I can tell you several things about her right now:

1. She takes herself deadly seriously and has no sense of humor whatsoever.

2. When she hurts herself– like, say, she strains her shoulder trying to put on one of her outfits– she wears Ace bandages and carries on for weeks. (Maybe I’m living in a glass house on this one…..)

3. She cries a couple of times every day. Maybe because of world hunger, perhaps it’s the shoulder strain, maybe she just didn’t like the way you told her good morning– whatever it is, she will find it, and she will cry about it.

I actually think she has a great voice, and if she stopped trying to convince the world that she is an incredible performance artist and just got onstage and sang, I would probably love her. As it is, every time I see her I think, “Ugh. Not this again.”

I feel exactly the same way, Lady Gaga Jacket That Lady Gaga Is Wearing. Exactly the same way.

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