Clothing Optional, I Guess. Still.

My kids have a long history of not wearing enough clothing. Apparently I’ve done a bang-up job teaching them to love their bodies and a less spectacular job teaching them that we live in a society where people can’t walk around naked all the time. Cam used to strip naked as soon as he walked into the house¬†when he was younger, whyether we had guests or not. Gabby, especially around the age of 4,¬†enjoyed the challenge of creating the illusion of enough clothing: for example, sometimes she would get in the car looking all snug in her winter coat and hat, but then when we got somewhere and removed the coat, she would be shirtless. You get the idea.

Addie J just came in here wearing her bathing suit with the little skirt that serves as a coverup. She wanted the sunblock, and she wanted to apply it herself. Fortunately I decided that I should be the one to apply. This is how I discovered that Addie believes that– as long as you are wearing the bathing suit top plus the coverup miniskirt– the bathing suit bottom is optional.

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