Remember the Musical Notes T-Shirt?

A few weeks ago, I painstakingly drew musical notes all over a t-shirt for Gabby to wear to her musical. Remember that? Well, here’s an update for you:

1. You will recall that I dropped everything and made the shirt because, according to Gabby, she had to wear it to school the next day. Upon further investigation this proved patently untrue. In fact, when she came home and I said, “What did Mr. T. think of your awesome t-shirt?” –meaning of course, “What did Mr. T. think of the awesome job I did making your t-shirt?”– she replied, “Oh my gosh, Mom, I can’t believe it. I don’t need it until NEXT MONTH. Isn’t that funny?”

2. Since then, Gabby has of course misplaced the entire outfit.

After much effort put into searching by Dave and me– and much effort put into crying by Gabby– we have found all but the grey leggings. So here is my question for you all: where are Gabby’s Grey. Freaking. Leggings?!?!

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