Still My Little One

So, the J graduated from preschool this morning and I know how you feel– I’m kind of surprised as well. I “fondly” remember last year around this time, when one of her teachers suggested that I have her tested– because she was either developmentally delayed or stubborn as hell. (True story.) The diagnosis turned out to be Stubborn As Hell, not that that was news to me, and she took until the latter half of this year to really pull it together…. BUT she did graduate this morning. She stood onstage with the other kids and shushed me, and blew me kisses, and waved frantically at Jill, who brought her a balloon bouquet. Later I called her “little one” while we were taking pictures, and she was quick to correct me: “Mom, I am not a little one. I have my congraduation and I am a big girl!’ 

About 30 minutes ago I found my big-girl kindergartner is up in her bed, sucking on an array of Taggies with her balloon bouquet tucked in next to her.  She said, “Hi Mom. Want to snuggle with me?” –so I crawled in with her and did just that until her fluttering eyes closed.

Something tells me that I still have a little one, graduation or no graduation.

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