File Under: Things That Will Suck.

I’m headed upstairs to sort through the girls’ clothes. As soon as I told them we would be doing that, Gabby immediately wnet to her room to pull aside clothes that are way too small but she still wants to wear them (if you’ve seen her today: that skirted bathing-suit bottom she is wearing is actually a size 4T skort). Addie J simply started crying.

It’s times like this when I think about Katie Holmes, and how Suri’s summertime nanny is the one who has to pull organizing duty, while Katie takes the kid out for ice cream.

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    • This is my life. Nothing can be removed from our home if my children are on the premises. Grace isn’t even allowed to look in the garbage for fear that she’ll find “valuables.” She watched Hoarders one evening and then had bad dreams because she thinks she might become a hoarder- sadly, I think she may be right.

    • Sing it, Michele. Gabby wants to keep EVERYTHING and use it for a craft– I don’t know how many times I have said, “That is not a craft object– it is garbage!”

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